Portuguese PM Costa declared a Disaster Situation as Covid cases soared. Know the Changes in rules from Midnight today.


Prime Minister António Costa announced new measures to halt the coronavirus pandemic on the day that Portugal sets a record daily number of new Covid-19 cases .

A further 2072 infected and seven dead were reported this Wednesday. The country will return to the Situation of Calamity from 00:00 on Thursday with new, more restricted measures.

– Meetings with more than five people on the public road are prohibited , a limitation that also extends to commercial spaces and restaurants.

– Another measure will be to limit events of a family nature, such as weddings and baptisms, which are scheduled as of today for a maximum of 50 participants.

– Academic celebrations and activities of a non-academic or scientific nature in schools, universities and polytechnics will be prohibited.

– The security forces and ASAE will have a reinforcement of enforcement actions both on public roads and in catering establishments and there will also be a reinforcement of fines up to 10 thousand euros for legal persons (commercial establishments and restaurants) that do not ensure compliance the rules.

– It is also recommended to use a mask on the public road whenever there are other people around and to use the Stayaway Covid application.

A law proposal will also be presented to the Assembly of the Republic requesting the imposition of the mandatory use of a mask on public roads and also the use of the app in work, school and academic contexts, in the Armed Forces and Security Forces and as a whole of Public Administration.


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