Yadav selected as coordinator of Corona Monitoring Information Department

– Rabindra Yadav, Nawalparasi.

Anoj Yadav of Pratappur village has been nominated as the coordinator of the Corona Monitoring Information Department in West Nawalparasi.

According to Prakash Sharan Mahat, Joint General Secretary of the Nepali Congress and Coordinator of the Covid-19 Monitoring Committee of the Nepali Congress, to regularly inform the Covid-19 Monitoring Committee about the impact of Covid-19 in the country and to strengthen the role of the opposition party Nepali Congress.

The Information Coordinator assessed the status of Covid-19 infection in the district, the status of the hospital for Corona infection, the provision of medical supplies and physicians and health workers, the facilities and criteria for isolation and quarantine, the assessment of economic and social conditions Informing the Information Center as well as studying the aspects of effective implementation of the steps taken by the government.

Yadav, who is also a social engineer, worked day and night for the control and prevention of Korna, not only for himself but also for the entire district.


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