LONDON: Five people in a two-room flat, owners and agents fined £ 1,000

LONDON: Five people in a two-room flat, owners and agents fined £ 1,000

– London.

The court has fined the property owner and property agent more than £ 1,000 for forcing a man to live in a two-room flat in the Whitechapel area of ​​Tower Hamlets in London.

Recently, officers from the Environmental Health Department of the Tower Hamlets Council raided the 4-flat at 1-5 Court Street. During this time, they found 4 people living in illegal and dangerous environment. Officials from the police and other partner agencies were present during the operation. At the time, eight people were arrested for the crime related to immigration.

The council took legal action against the estate agent in charge of the owner and management of the flat. During a hearing in Thames Magistrate Court on January 5, the flat owner Maqbool Khan did not accept any of the allegations leveled against him, and the court fined him £ 22,900. Mohammad Abul Mia, director of ARS Properties, another alleged managing agent, was not present in court but the allegations against him were proved. The court fined Mohammed Abul Miah £ 5 and his firm ARS Properties £ 1.5. In addition, they have been ordered to pay £ 1.5 billion for each case.

In this regard, John Hammons, the mayor of Tower Hamlets, said the environment in which tenants were kept is not acceptable at all. We often find that the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our society are being exploited by rogue landlords. This court penalty is a message to them that it will never be tolerated.

Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member on Housing, Councilor Sirajul Islam said the case is another example of the criminal landlords being exploited by immigrants due to lack of English language knowledge, awareness of housing rights and support services.


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