गधालाई जबरजस्ती नाकबाट बियर पिलाएर रमाइलो गर्दा सर्बत्र निन्दा !

A video shared on the social network Facebook revealed the moment when donkey owner Muñeco forces him to drink beer through his nose to celebrate the victory in a race at the festival del Mango in Colombia. The situation has not been welcomed and has generated a wave of criticism.

यो पढ्न छुट्यो कि ?

पोर्चुगलमा एक नेपालीको कर्तुत, बाख्रीमाथि गरे हदैसम्मको दुर्व्यवहार ( भिडियो सहित् )

Every year the festival runs a donkey race in which animals have to make a course. This year was Muñeco the winner and the prize was 150 thousand Colombian pesos, equivalent to about 40 euros.

The moment when the owner of the animal decided to make him drink beer was captured and disclosed by Jonatan Tatan, where you can see the animal drinking directly from the bottle. After Muñeco refused to drink, the owner put the bottle in one of her nostrils.

The owner of Muñeco has also reacted, apologizing and ensuring that it will not happen again.

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