Every hour, 35 containers full of plastic are dumped in the oceans


Annually, between 4.8 and 12.7 billion kilos of plastic are deposited in the seas, giving an average of 8.7 billion kilos of plastic that end up in the seas of the planet.

Every hour the equivalent of 35 containers filled with plastic is dumped into the oceans, a problem that as of Tuesday is the theme of an exhibition in Lisbon, presented in four containers.

By May 26, containers will be in the outdoor area of ​​the Pavilion of Knowledge, at a show called “Ocean Plastics Lab”, which began in Turin two years ago and has already passed through Paris, Brussels, Washington DC, Ottawa and Berlin.

The international exposure explains the current state of plastic pollution in the oceans and shows the effects on humans, animals and nature. It is made up of installations, animations and interactive experiences, and shows how science is working to solve the problem.

The goal, according to Ciência Viva – National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture, is to inform citizens about the “global threat” of plastics and promote dialogue between science and society.


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