Membership Registrations Open NRNA NCC Portugal, Can NRNA Guarantee the Confidentiality of the Personal Data ?

– Ganesh Pandey

Lisbon, Portugal.

Non-Resident Nepali Association has opened its membership registration for NCC Portugal. The registration has already been open from last week. According to NRNA Portugal the membership registration will be closed during the election time, however after that it will be open again.

The registration process is completely web based. Unlike global NRNA website, NRNA Portugal asks for Passport or Residence Card and VISA details as well, apart from personal details and membership fee. The membership fees is 10 euros and can be paid online using visa card or the member can select ” Pay Cash” in payment option and pay at the NRNA office.

“ There are high chances of leaking, misusing and misleading of the personal data of the members as all the data will be submitted online. NRNA Portugal and NRN ICC must sign a contract for confidentiality of data management and guarantee for handling the data as confidential. Members have to fill up the details only for themselves to avoid any type of misuse”.

According to NRNA Portugal, providing personal details like name, address in Portugal and Nepal, occupation, passport detail, email, contact number, date of birth is mandatory this time. Further, the contact detail should be registered on the name of the member itself, otherwise the process will not proceed.

The online registration of membership will reduce the increment of fake membership and will help in selecting the right right candidates for the coming election.

The number of members is expected to decrease this time, as the new system will avoid misuse of membership during election time.

You can register your membership through this link NRNA.


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