A Police Officer killed his two kids and wife and then committed suicide shooting on his head in Antwerpen, Belgium !

– Dennis Van Damme

WIJNEGEM – At least three people died in a family drama in Wijnegem on Wednesday night. A policeman (50) first killed his 9 and 11 year old children at home and then killed his wife (40) in the cafe. He then tried to step out of life and died during the night. The man was not allowed to take his service weapon home. That says his corps, the local police of Antwerp.

The facts took place just after midnight in café ‘t Dorp on the Merksemsebaan in Wijnegem, the supporters’ cafe of professional cyclist Tosh Van der Sande. The man and his wife had gone to Overijse in the course of the day to support the Brabantse Arrow, but there they had a fight.

According to our information, that fight escalated Wednesday evening. The man, a police officer at the Antwerp police, first drove home and killed his children there. “In the current state of research, it seems likely that he subsequently visited the woman at her workplace,” says Caroline Vanderstokker of the Antwerp public prosecutor’s office. “After he killed her, he tried to kill himself by shooting himself in the head.”

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