Turkey detained 209 people, mainly from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria and Afghanistan

Instanbul, Turkey.

Turkish security forces have blocked 209 immigrants, including Bangladeshi, while trying to enter Greece on illegal routes. They were detained at a center in the country’s Idirin province. But how many of them are not known or their names, identity is not known.

On Monday, those migrants were trying to enter Greece in the north-western part of Turkey via the Idiran province. Among the immigrants, there are also Bangladeshi, nationals of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Palestinian citizens. They were taken to a center built for illegal immigrants in the central part of Eiderni. Turkey’s online daily Sabah reported.

According to the report, a large number of immigrants flee to Europe in the hope of a better future every year due to civil war or economic difficulties in their country.

For this reason, they first chose Turkish Idarini as the primary route. According to data from the Directorate of Immigration Management in Turkey, the number of immigrants who traveled to Europe in this way, most of them are Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Before the winter was over, their numbers increased in the last summer and in the autumn. To reach Greece, immigrants usually use boats to cross the Maric River. Some others tried to reach the shore only.

Turkish and European Union signed an agreement in 2016 to stop migrating from Turkey to Greece using the dangerous Aegean Sea route. Under this agreement, Greece used to send the migrants who were caught near the Aegean islands using Turkey’s seabed, and returned them to Greece.


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