Shailee Basnet – Co-ordinator, Seven Summits Women Team / Social Worker/ Stand-up Comedian

Shailee Basnet is the coordinator of the Seven Summits Women Team, a group of women climbers, who became the first female group in the world to climb the highest mountain of each continent. But this is not her sole identity; she is a woman of many talents. Shailee is a professional speaker who talks about her mountaineering experiences. She is also a standup comedian who has established Stand Up Comedy Kathmandu with Seema Golchha organising several comedy shows in Kathmandu. Currently, she finished a six week comedy course in New York and is getting ready for her first professional show at the Gotham Comedy Club.

She runs training programs with team mate, Maya Gurung for young female survivors of trafficking since 2014. The trainings support academic education, English language lessons, weekly outdoor trainings, and a monthly stipend in addition to the core program of mountaineering.

Being able to write, taking on physical challenges, getting up on stage to make people laugh and doing work that changes lives are some of the things that make this young achiever stand out from the rest. She also loves to spend time with her family, enjoy togetherness with her husband. Shailee also makes time for herself to sit, introspect and meditate about the things that bring joy to her life.

A graduate of Business Information Systems and a Post Graduate of Journalism, she works as a reporter for Himalmedia. She became interested in climbing and mountaineering because of  the physical and mental challenges it poses, which are quite different from her line of work. Lack of involvement in any kind of sports during her early years made her interested in challenging her limits as she grew up.She made it to the summit of Everest on 24th May 2008. Recently, she has also started as a stand-up comedian and she aspires to be a scriptwriter someday, while continuing out-door adventure. She derives her strength from each of the team members and hence calls herself the Jack of all trades.


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