Prime Minister Mark Rutte Rides Bicycle to Meet The King: Picture of Netherlands PM Parking His Cycle at The Palace is Going Viral

Prime ministers are known to be surrounded by security personals and in bulletproof cars, however, the Dutch have their own way of transport that will leave you stunned. A picture shows the Prime Minister of Netherlands, Mark Rutte parking his cycle outside the Dutch Royal House where he had a meeting with the King. PM Mark Rutte arrived at the royal palace in the Netherlands on his bicycle and the picture is surely making people fall in love with the simple, eco-friendly and down to earth Minister-President of the Netherlands. The picture of the Dutch Prime Minister is going viral.

The picture of Prime Minister Mark Rutte riding the bicycle and the internet has fallen in love with the picture. Mark Rutte has been in news for using a bicycle while commuting to work instead of the clichéd fancy cars. The fact that the PM continued this habit even while visiting the Dutch royal house has left people amused. The viral picture shows the Prime Minister locking his bicycle which is parked in front of the palace and many Twitterati have been questioning the need for the lock at the royal house.

See Picture of Dutch PM Mark Rutte and His Bicycle

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The Dutch Prime Minister clearly has a connection with the cycle, which is one of the most healthy and eco-friendly modes of transport.


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