The World’s Most Embarrassing Photo Finally Explained

As far as cringe-inducing photographs go, you really, really, can’t go past this one:

worlds most embarassing photo

Did you just shudder? That’s because this picture captures every woman’s worst nightmare when donning a bikini and heading off to the beach.

Smiling, kicking back, relaxing. Completely oblivious to the fact it’s that time of the month again.


But, now it seems- the joke’s actually been on the millions who shared the image and turned it viral.

There’s one kinda pivotal detail in this picture everyone’s missed:

worlds most embarassing photo

Yup. Turns out, this beach-goer injured herself and decided to make the most of the bloody situation with a classic internet prank.

We gotta hand it to her. She’s a little bit of a genius.


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