Breaking News: Two Nepalese brothers stabbed in the center of Lisbon – One died

Apparently the perpetrator is on the run. Victims are brothers

A 44-year-old man died and another 38-year-old man was injured following a crime that occurred early Wednesday in Lisbon. The individuals, to whom the DN obtained from the Judiciary Police, are natural of Nepal. The two men stabbed are brothers.

As far as the author of the crime, according to the information provided, “it is still unknown” of the authorities, reason why it is “probably in flight”.

On the PSP, it confirmed a crime with a “white weapon, on the public road, with one of the victims eventually dying and the other going to the hospital,” in this case the Santa Maria Hospital.

The Public Security Police also confirmed that “when it arrived at the scene” the perpetrator was “on the run” and that the incident was around 00:20.

At this point it is the PJ who is in charge of the case.



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