Suicide rates in Nepal at Alarming Stage.

Suicide in Nepal has become a minor national issue highlighted by a series of high-profile suicides in recent years Ranked 126th by suicide rate globally by the 2015 World Health Organization report, Nepal has an estimated 6,940 suicides annually, or 8.3 suicides per 100,000 people. The teenage years are considered to be the most agonising and to grow up in a country that is itself in a state of flux has taken its toll on vulnerable youngsters. “Ego boundaries of today’s youth are not defined and they have problems reconciling themselves to the expectations their parents have and to finding themselves as well,” says Bhattarai. The answer to dealing with all these pressures is for the whole family to be part of the growing-up process. Says Mahendra Kumar Nepal, professor and head of the Department of Psychiatry at Teaching Hospital. “It is essential that parents know what is happening in the lives of their children and provide support,” he adds. As Nepal’s social, economic and political fabric is ripped apart, the people seem to be losing their sense of ‘self’. Maybe it’s about time that instead of peace for political reasons we pushed peace for social reasons.

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