“Culcuttey Kaiyo” with Bir Bahadur Biswakarma


Bir Bahadur Biswakarma is a 32 year old visually impaired Tungna player, from Listi, Sindhupalchok. Tungna is usually a 4 stringed, sometimes more than 4 stringed instrument, played by plucking. It’s made from a single carved piece of wood and topped with a skin. He tried playing tungna at 16 and after few years of struggle he manange to play tungna. He plays in different villages and collect money for his family of five his wife and kids.

We saw the living folk music in him from some random uploads in social medias and thought it would be fruitful for him to showcase here in Kathmandu with Kutumba’s music and this is what happened. We raised and handed him NRs. 30,000, we are arranging Nrs. 70,000 more to clear his debt that he got from rebuilding his house, the massive earthquake destroyed in 2015.

Cover of popular folk song “Culcuttey Kaiyo” by Bir Bahadur Biswakarma, Sugam Desar (Tungna), Agrim Lama (Tungna) & Kutumba.

We would like to thank Agrim Lama and Sugam Desar for joining hands with Kutumba to help folk music and Sugam Desar a very young musical enthusiast for cordinating with Bir Bahadur Biswakarma.

Than you to Patan Durbar Square for providing us beautiful Patan Museum Courtyard.
A big thank you to International Sound Service (ISS) for sound and light and AP1 Channel for capturing the moment .


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