Durge Kami passed High School at age of 70 – An Exclusive Interview


durge kami

It says, learning never ends!! Probably that fascinated Durge Kami to return back to school at the age of 69.

Durge Kami lives in Syangja, Nepal. Every morning he wakes up, puts on his school uniform, combs his hair and prepares for school. Kami has to walk for an hour and 20 minutes to reach the school. All his classmates are of his grandchildren age; they call him ‘bajee’, which means grandpa in Nepali.

durge kami

Durga Kami wanted to be a school teacher but couldn’t finish his studies as a child because of financial constraints. His favorite subject is Social studies. During lunch break, he also loves to play football and volleyball during.

‘When I play these games, my soul feels satisfied’, said Durge Kami, whose spirit for life encourages everyone to go for the things which our heart wants us to do, no matter how late it is.


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