Driver without a letter escapes the PSP and causes four accidents

  Roberto Bessa Moreira  49 पटक हेरिएको

A 33-year-old motorist on Thursday disobeyed an order to stop the PSP and began an escape that only ended about two kilometers later.

During the flight, between the roundabout of the Business Association of Portugal, also known as “Produtos Estrela”, in Porto, and the Rua da Estação Velha, in Senhora da Hora, Matosinhos, the driver caused four accidents. Already after having been absent, he was detained.

It all started minutes before 3.30 pm, next to the roundabout of the Business Association of Portugal. It was then that a PSP patrol ordered the driver to stop the march, but it quickly increased the speed of the car and ran away.

Then began a persecution that covered part of the Circunvalation Road, Dr. Manuel Teixeira Ruela Avenue, Fabril do Norte Avenue, Joaquim Pinto Street and Caminhos Street. Routes where high speed and dangerous maneuvers carried out by the fugitive caused four road accidents, which resulted in material damages that, however, were not enough to stop the escape.

It was only on Rua da Estação Velha, at Senhora da Hora, that the fugitive lost control of his vehicle and got out of the way. At that time, he was immediately arrested by the PSP agents who followed him and later confirmed that the driver had no driving license.

Because he was not injured, the fugitive was taken to the police station and indicted for driving crimes without legal authorization and dangerous driving.


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